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Visibility by bike: 10 essential accessories

Visibility by bike: 10 essential accessories

Your Visibility by Bike, an Absolute Priority!

Being seen on a bike is the first thing to think about when getting ready to climb into the saddle. Indeed, in the hustle and bustle of urban traffic, and even outside built-up areas, cyclists remain vulnerable alongside other more imposing and reinforced motorists.

Between the compulsory equipment imposed by the highway code and the accessories authorized for your visibility, a short tour of the 10 effective signaling devices for two-wheelers.

Reminder of mandatory bicycle signs

When you ride your bike at night or during the day in the city, article R313 requires your bike to be fitted with certain elements to make you visible. Failing this, the cyclist incurs a first class fine.

The reflectors

The reflectors are the reflectors of lights which are posed on the spokes of the wheels and the pedals in order to catch to alert a motorist who points his headlights on you. They participate in the passive lighting of the bicycle . They are required by law to be white on the front, red on the rear, and orange on the wheels and pedals.

Bike lights

The bicycle lighting required between dusk and dawn or at night must be able to be seen up to a distance of 200 meters in front and 100 meters minimum meters at the rear. To do this, you must equip yourself with a non-glare white or yellow light at the front and a red light at the rear.

In terms of lux and lumen, nothing is very official. Note, however, that in urban areas, 20 to 100 lumens are recommended at the front and 15 lumens for the rear light.

If you are on the country road, opt for headlights of at least 50 lux (or 300 lumens minimum) up front.

The reflective vest

Outside built-up areas, at night or during the day, when visibility is insufficient, the highway code is clear: the high visibility vest is a mandatory accessory on an unlit road .

A bell

If it is not among the visual accessories, the doorbell is an imperative sound alarm to alert your presence in certain delicate situations. Like warning a distracted pedestrian of your arrival. Indeed, the cyclist's discretion does not help to warn other users of your presence. Faced with blind spots and reduced visual fields, the doorbell becomes essential.

Useful and recommended bicycle accessories

If the mandatory lights on your bike are installed, you may be disappointed with their lighting capacity and power. Especially on basic models, this is why it is strongly recommended to supplement your approved equipment with more efficient accessories.

The adult led or reflective helmet

Because it reduces head injuries by nearly 60% in the event of a fall from a bicycle, the helmet , s 'it is compulsory for children under 12, remains recommended for adults. At night, it can be fitted with LEDs and light signals to increase your visibility .

Auxiliary lamps, headlamps or on the helmet

To make up for the sometimes insufficient power of an approved bicycle light , it is advisable to add a more powerful lamp in order to to be seen, but also to see your trajectory In the dark night, having a headlamp makes it possible to illuminate the roadway and dodge potholes and other deformations of country roads. If, on the other hand, you only pedal in a well-lit city, a 10 lux lighthouse is the minimum indicated to be seen.

The fluorescent bag cover

The fluorescent bag covers allow 'alerting your presence in traffic at night and are also effective during the day thanks to the flashy color which appeals to any motorist. Waterproof, it has the dual function of protecting you and your belongings from bad weather quickly thanks to its elastic fixation.

Reflective clothing

For sporty cyclists and sensitized bike riders, jackets with reflective bands can replace the yellow vest, often shunned for its unsightliness.

Other effective signals

Because a cyclist is never too visible, use and abuse all the gadgets that can save your life. It can be reflective armbands , reflective stickers or even a signal flag .

They are placed on your dial, luggage rack, child seat, on clothes ..

The most original will dare accessories such as brake lights, a light garland or even lights on the spokes of the bike !

Indicators and Mirrors for bicycle

Very useful, bicycle mirrors allow you to monitor your rear and anticipate vehicle overtaking. They can be installed on the handlebars in different ways, on the helmet or appear directly on the wrists by a small mirror .

To continue copying the equipment of cars, bicycle light indicators exist and can be added to your car. They avoid imbalances when you want to reach out to indicate your change of direction, often frequent in town.

The danger spreader

The highway code requires keeping a minimum safety distance between a bicycle and a vehicle of 1 m in town and 1.5 m outside built-up area. Often difficult to judge and not respected, dangerous overtaking is serious sources of accidents for cyclists . < / p>

To resolve this state of affairs, the danger spreader is an orange reflective strip which imposes a minimum passing distance. Attached to the luggage rack or the wheel structure on the left side, it requires the overtaking vehicle to monitor its safety distances and ensures that you are not brushed against.

Devilishly efficient, it has been shown that the motorist refrains from overtaking without precaution at the sight of the rod, which gives volume to two-wheelers, usually perceived as a linear target. < / p>

Mountain biking, VTC or bicycle ... Cycling by night as by day, in town or in rural area should not be marred by a lack of visibility. Using all these alternatives, complete your regulatory accessories for safe pedaling.

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