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Electric bike comparison 2021: Which model to choose?

Faced with a very dynamic market, it is difficult to choose among the many models. To make your task easier, find in what follows our comparative guide of the best electric bikes of the moment with a great quality-price ratio.

Electric bikes comparator (November 2021)

To help you better choose your future machine, here is our comparison of new generation electric bikes.

Legend Monza Smart eBike Folding Electric Bike

Looking for a powerful and reliable machine? Designed by the Spanish brand Legend eBikes, a benchmark in this field, this prototype may interest you. This is the fourth generation of the foldable version, which benefits both from important elements of its predecessors and from more exciting new features.

The Legend Monza is a perfect urban bike. It is a compact model, with a neat and elegant design. It combines both comfort and premium with its 20-inch large Schwalbe Big Ben balloon puncture-proof tires, accompanied by shock absorbing effects. The distance between the axes is well thought out to improve the rider's handling.

This Urban e-Bike is boosted with a 450 Watt Brushless motor, reliable and powerful to ensure a top speed of around 23 km / h. It is used with removable Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries with a capacity of 288 Wh, 374 Wh or even 504 Wh. Thanks to ebikemotion, all the required information is accessible on your mobile phone and on cloud hosting.

In terms of characteristics, the electric bike comes with hydraulic disc brakes, a 6-speed Shimano derailleur and 4 levels of assistance. This foldable model is designed to primarily fit people between 1.60m and 1.90m tall. With its reinforced frame, it folds in just two steps.

Its gel bicycle saddle provides comfort to its user. Added to this is its luggage rack capable of accommodating a baby seat.

ESKUTE electric city bike with 28 inch wheels

This Urban e-Bike for adults incorporates a powerful 250 Watt BAFANG brushless gear motor, which is both efficient and durable. It can travel up to a speed of 25 km / h and its range varies from 30 to 35 km. This machine is generally used in everyday life, for commuting to work or going to school, but also for long journeys. It contributes to saving energy, which fits well with the approach of sustainable development for the protection of the environment.

The brand has paid particular attention to comfort , robustness and safety to allow the user of this machine to enjoy a good driving experience. This cycle actually has an aluminum frame, an integrated lithium-ion battery, a Shimano derailleur with 7-speed systems, double brakes and 'a shock-absorbing front fork.

A digital LCD screen allows you to instantly see all important information such as battery life, remaining charge, pedaling assistance level and distance traveled.

Electric bike VTC model VIENA URBANBIKER

This two-wheeler combines strength, performance and efficiency. It has a 350 Watt motor, an 840 Wh Cell Samsung Li-ion battery and hydraulic brakes. You just have to switch to eco mode and this machine can go up to 160 km .It is also equipped with a latest generation controller to ensure more efficient driving

Added to this are its comfort elements such as the adjustable Freeway saddle, ergonomic grips, Hutchinson tires and the adjustable Promax stem. This is essential since this electric bike is designed to cover long distances. The LCD display has 5 levels of assistance including an automatic at 6 km / h, an odometer, a speedometer, etc.

26 inch folding snow bike

This prototype presents multiple points which justify its performance and its efficiency. Aside from its 26-inch tires, it incorporates a stable high speed brushless motor with 400 Watts of power, a 5-stage pedal assist sensor as well as a removable lithium battery. It is able to drive between 30 to 50 km in electric mode and between 60 to 90 km in pedal assist mode in optimal conditions.

The rider can choose from three riding modes, including fully electric mode (manual throttle), pedal assist mode and manual mode.

The frame of the velocipede is made of aluminum alloy , which guarantees strength and durability, with a front suspension fork. The front and rear hydraulic brakes are disc brakes, making them more reliable. The ergonomic and adjustable saddle makes the seat even more comfortable and limits seat pressure during a long ride.

Folding electric bicycle NCM Paris 20 inches

The NCM Paris is a very versatile model, with an aluminum frame for easy folding, like its stem, pedals and saddle. It can accompany you in perfect comfort on all your trips, in town or in the countryside. Its advantage lies above all in its exceptional adaptability conditions, which facilitate its storage and transport. It is even possible to bend it without the intervention of any tool .

The machine works with a high-quality removable 540 Wh DeHawk high-performance lithium battery, for cruising up to 40 km and 100 km in pedal assist mode with a maximum speed of 25 km / h. You have the opportunity to charge your smartphone on the e-bike while on the move using its USB port.

To ensure a comfortable and safe ride, Tektro mechanical disc front and rear brakes attest to smooth braking. The foldable saddle makes it easy to remove the battery. The NCM Paris also includes more functional accessories such as lighter, but strong mudguards, luggage rack, etc.

Electric bike HITWAY 26 inches

To end our electric bike comparison , this e-Bike HITWAY presents an excellent performance thanks to its 250 Watt motor, its removable lithium ion battery large capacity and its transmission system at 7 speeds . It can go up to 25 km / h and up a slope of 25 degrees. Its frame is made of aluminum and magnesium alloy and supports a maximum load of 100 kg.

Its premium folding design makes it more convenient to transport. You can easily use the pedal assist (moped) mode to glide and ride up to 50 km. You can pedal hard by turning off the device for a little physical exercise. Monitor all your information on a high resolution LCD screen: battery level, driving speed, mileage ...

What are the different types of VAE?

If you plan to buy an electric-assisted bike , it is essential to know the different types beforehand before viewing an electric bike comparison Like classic bikes, many variations are available on the market. The difference between these is based on the engine, design and components.

Urban bikes

These are the most popular models. Compact or folding, they can be fitted with thin or wide wheels, luggage racks and mudguards. As the name suggests, these electric bikes are mainly used in cities to go to work or to alternate between public transport. They are more comfortable and require little maintenance.

Folding bikes

These varieties are the most popular, because of their practicality. Their compact formats ensure a minimal footprint to be transported in the train or also by plane.


These cycles are mainly developed for hiking. They embody the versatility of mountain bikes (VTC) while offering optimal comfort thanks to their wider wheels and better damping. These versions will certainly bring radical changes in the world of cycle tourism.

They allow you to cover important routes while driving faster while crossing more difficult terrain without tiring or suffering from stiffness on arrival. Their essential components (frame geometry, braking, transmission and other comfort elements) are also well chosen for this purpose.

Cargo bikes or family bikes

These formats can be funny, but they are strong, sturdy and very popular in urban settings. They are equipped with wooden, metal or plastic crates to carry goods or children. They have the capacity to replace a utility car.

Electrically assisted mountain bikes

The VTTAE or Mountain Bike is a mountain bike. It offers the possibility of making mountain biking more enjoyable. The geometry of its frame, its components and its exceptional characteristics make this equipment favorable for a trek in nature, both uphill and downhill. The performance of its engine makes it possible to climb the most impassable summits, difficult reliefs and more committed routes.

The electrically assisted road bike

The advantage of electric assistance for the road bike or also racing bike lies in the fact that the machine can cover long distances and climb hills. These types of vehicles are very popular with cyclists who want to set themselves a challenge or keep the same pace in a peloton.

The all-terrain electric bike (VTC)

It is a mixed two-wheeler, guaranteeing both sporty and comfortable driving pleasure. It is used to cross forest paths and longer distances. These models stand out for their versatile tires and small suspensions.

Speed ​​Bikes

Also called fast bikes, speed bikes are able to go faster up to 45 km / h. Their help is much needed to cover long distances in urban and peri-urban areas, not to mention their performance for sports rides.

How to choose your electric bike?

The electric bicycle brings an undeniable asset to everyday life. It is therefore essential to choose the best equipment. After having passed the different types, take into account some determining criteria for the comparative electric bike.


Like the engine and braking, the transmission plays a vital role in your choice Since the majority of e-bikes incorporate disc brakes, hydraulic braking is highly recommended. It grants more reliability.

Engine power

As a reference for the comparative electric bike, all approved and subsidized versions do not exceed 250 Watts. But other more powerful models can reach 500 Watts.

The battery

At least a 250 Wh battery is required for a comfortable bike to avoid daily recharging. However, other factors may intervene such as the level of assistance, the types of terrain to be covered, the nature of the wind, the load, the tire inflation, etc.

The materials

Who does not want solid equipment, with a robust frame, a high-performance engine, tires suitable for the environment and a resistant battery to ensure long-lasting mobility? Among other things, v-brakes are used in entry-level models, but are not suitable for sport.


You will have to choose lights , lamps, mudguard, luggage rack, basket, bell, kickstand, saddlebags, etc. These items vary depending on the intended use. The most innovative bicycles even have an LCD screen to check all the information about your machine.

The level of comfort

A light model, which weighs around twenty kilos and folds, is easily transportable. Ergonomic components such as the handlebars, saddle, grips, influence its handling and thus its level of comfort. The solid pedals ensure more fluidity when pedaling. Don't hesitate to check the folding system as well.

What price for a good electric bike?

You can also consult the comparison of the quality-price ratio. Unlike conventional cycles, electric bikes are more expensive. To obtain an entry-level machine, reserved for urban cycle paths, it takes a purchase price of 700 to 1,500 euros on average. A high-quality electric bicycle with good range and advanced technologies requires an investment of between 1,500 and 3,000 euros.

Why buy an electric bike?

The use of electric bikes is on the rise, even more so after deconfinement. This means of transport represents a perfect solution to public transport while practicing physical activity. It has the advantage of being practical, economical and ecological at the same time, whether it's for getting to work, taking short walks without sweating or avoiding traffic jams.

Compared to a conventional bicycle, the eBike can further reduce the journey time. But that's not all. While these innovative two-wheelers are currently attracting a lot of users, there are plenty of assets there.

velo assistance electrique

First of all, these innovative means of transport are well suited for getting around on two-wheelers with less effort and without sweat, even over long distances. This is an opportunity for gentle exercise, especially if physical conditions make it difficult to use a regular bicycle.

This type of bicycle is also less polluting, compared to other motor vehicles. It also offers the possibility of making significant savings even if a model is quite expensive. Its battery life is quite long.Moreover, economic aid is granted for the purchase of an electric bicycle under certain conditions

Climate change is becoming a major concern for everyone these days. Many people are therefore using other alternatives to the usual means of transport in order to escape traffic jams while respecting the environment.

Instead of cars and common public transport, some choose electric bikes or electrically assisted (VAE) . It is a variety of two-wheelers equipped with an electric motor and a crankset to operate the machine. The motor provides support for pedaling. So the driver needs to pedal in order to put it into operation.



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