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Which glasses to choose on a bike?

Which glasses to choose on a bike?

Cyclists spend hours thinking about what to put together, but a lot of times they don't think about their sunglasses . Whether you're riding a single track, battling the peloton, or racing against the clock, there are specific sunglasses to keep your eyes safe.

Sunglasses for cyclists perform essential functions for your safety .
First of all, they protect your eyes from UV rays, but also from debris and insects . They also improve your visibility of the road.

With or without a mount?

Rimmed glasses simply mean that the glasses have a frame around them. It's pretty straightforward, but why is it important?

If you are primarily a road cyclist or a mountain biker, the rimmed glasses will give you sufficient protection. On the other hand, if you are a trail runner watch or triathlete, get pair of rimless glasses like the model below.

The lack of a mount on the top of the lens helps improve visibility when riding in an aggressive aerodynamic position.

Choosing the right type of spectacle lens

Before going for a ride, take the time to make sure your glasses are suitable for the driving conditions you will encounter

Lenses are available in a wide range of tints and colors, from dark black to protect your eyes in direct sunlight to yellow to increase contrast in low light.

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Clear lenses are perfect for riding at night or in stormy weather.

Many glasses come with an additional lens or can be purchased separately. If this is important to your choice of glasses, make sure you get a protective case that either protects those lenses with your frame, or a case that protects the lenses only.

Photochromic lenses

The photochromic lenses adapt automatically to changes in brightness. They darken when the sun gets stronger and brighten when the available light levels begin to decrease.

If you ride for several days or all day, a photochromic lens might be your best option. So you never have to worry about whether you are wearing the right glasses or not.



Fit is essential. Your cycling glasses should be comfortable with no pinch points or over tightening. They should be close to your face, but not so close that they obstruct your vision.

Some sunglasses can be adjusted slightly and have adjustable temples, nose pads or rubber pieces.

Do you want the sunglasses to be stable? The rubber contact points will help the glasses stay in place when you sweat. Usually, a sign of good clothing is that you forget you are wearing them when riding a bike.

Finally, whatever sunglasses you wear, make sure they are made from shatterproof material . The last thing you want is is that a million pieces of glass fly around your eye during an accident or gravel impact.

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