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Understand everything about the mandatory marking of your future bike

Good news for cyclists! Marking bikes against theft has become mandatory in France.

Since January 1, 2021, all new bikes have been identified and engraved, following the decree of the mobility orientation bill (LOM). No more volatisatization of your bicycle when leaving the office! Because, between the urban infrastructures put in place, the predispositions to face the health crisis and an ever-growing ecological awareness…

Bicycle riders are everywhere and so are their bikes. Easy to fly, their two-wheelers disappear or end up dismembered. Leaving at the end of the padlock, the fork and the handlebars as the only means of locomotion. So how does bicycle registration work ?

Why do you want to register bicycles?

Increase the use of two-wheelers

While town planning is developing cycle paths and infrastructure to encourage people to cycle, they still fear the theft of their car.

Thus, with the registration of the cycle , users will be guaranteed to find their machine in the event of concealment. With this new decree, the state hopes to triple the number of bicycle users by 2024!

Fight against bike theft

The figures speak for themselves: around 400,000 bikes are stolen every year. Out of 100,000 bicycles found / year, only 7% find their owner, for lack of identification and prosecution.

A plague that poses another problem: the accumulation of found cycles. Having become evidence, they are impossible to destroy or give away. The police stations then find themselves with a stock of piled carcasses ...

This new obligation risks deterring thieves. Warned that their loot will be easily geolocated, the criminals will be found and their network dismantled.

(R) buy a bike legally

Thanks to bicycle registration , your car has a unique identifier linked to your contact details. A tracing also planned from July 2021 for second-hand bicycle dealers.

Thus, each time a cycle is purchased, the future purchaser can consult the website including the FNUCI, the Single National File of Identified Cycles and check that it is not supplying an illicit network. < / p>

So when are bicycles sold between individuals? The marking of bicycles is nothing new. You are entitled to register your bicycle at your own discretion. And if you wish to sell it, make arrangements to notify the operator and the file as soon as the sale has been made. The buyer will have to do the same.

Facilitate the verbalization of bikes?

We were not well, there, quiet ... To pedal incognito?

And yes. How to think about the traceability of your bike without imagining future checks ... If the highway code also applies for cyclists (link to the relevant article) , their lack of identification made it almost impossible to ticket in the event of violations.

Except that, searchable for all, the national bicycle file now allows the police, gendarmerie, customs services and pounds to identify freely a bicycle… And its holder!

Officially, facilitating bicycle tickets is not one of the objectives of this measure.However, with this new marking, parking abuses, for example, could be the subject of a ticket, directly sent to the identified owner

How do cycle markings work?

As when you register your new car, authorized dealers and operators mark the frame of your cycle of 10 alphanumeric characters. This additional cost varies from 5 to 20 euros, depending on the process used. They all ask for an ID and the invoice for your bike.

Depending on the system, this could be a heavy duty engraving, printing or sticker… all placed on the frame of your bike.

Your machine will then be displayed in a register established by APIC , the association for the promotion of cycle identification.

What does the single national file contain?

When registering your bike , you must fill in certain mandatory information:

  • About you: your first and last name or company name, telephone, email address.
  • Concerning the bicycle: its description (type of machine, brand, model, color) and its status (stolen / lost, out of use / destroyed, in search of owner, in sale, workshop exit).

By affixing a number to the frame of your car, it will be readable only by optical sensor.

Each engraving is unique with its own password.

Following the marking, you will receive a bike passport notifying your number and password. They will be needed to register your bike on the website dedicated to bike registration .

In case of theft, report it online and report it to the police or gendarmerie. The person who finds your bike will know which police station to return it to.

Comparisons of the different marking operators

Bicycode marking

If there are several tagging operators, Bicycode is the oldest and the only one recognized by the state. Because this traceability method is validated for its high resistance to fraud. He affixes an engraving which he covers with an anti-corrosion sticker.

This 2.0 registration becomes indelible, irremovable and tamper-proof, in a locatable and visible place without manipulation.

Please note, bicycode engravings are not compatible with carbon or titanium frames.

Registration via Recobike

This patented bicycle marking uses resin injection. Inside, a very difficult to remove security insert contains the identification number .

Engravings made in Auvray

Renowned for its high-end anti-theft devices on motorized two-wheelers, the operator Auvray engraves bikes by micro-percussion using a pulse gun.

Paravol stickers

Previously ordered on their site, the Paravol operator sends a QR code sticker certified to Very High Resistance. Once received, affix it to your bike and register your serial number with your identifier on the national file.

If bicycle marking has existed since 2004, the formalization of the practice finally hopes to significantly limit bicycle theft .

For the moment, only professional resellers are affected by this obligation.However, it is recommended that individuals follow the process themselves

Pending generalized marking at all cycles, continue to secure your two-wheeler . Even for a short time, attach it in the places provided with a good U-shaped anti-theft device and an intelligent alarm , wedged between your fork and your front wheel.



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