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How to ride a bike in a skirt?

The use of the bicycle as a means of transport is of interest to more and more people nowadays in urban areas. It’s economical, environmentally friendly and faster. With the many traffic jams, motorists and public transport find it difficult to cope. The cycles easily manage to reach the average speed of motor vehicles during journeys. Men and women are also doing it for their health.

If you want to combine physical activity, well-being and femininity, it is possible to cycle in a skirt. However, holding the handlebars in one hand and the dress in the other is often not very comfortable. It is also unthinkable to pedal while hugging the knees. Here are some tips that may interest you in order to achieve this safely.

The benefits of cycling

Cycling is a sporting activity, which may be suitable as regular and moderate practice for the fairer sex. It allows you to move around with more freedom in an urban environment, without traffic jams and without polluting. It's a better way to get some fresh air, accessible anytime, even on weekends.

Many large cities are investing in the development of cycle paths these days, as two-wheelers are an ideal complement to public transport.

faire du velo en jupe femme

They make it possible to reach a train station, a bus or tram station more quickly. Not to mention the beneficial effects of a cycling plan on health. In fact, pedaling strengthens the heart, prevents cardiovascular disease, builds endurance, etc. Vary your routes to discover the landscape of the city or the agglomeration, survey monuments, parks and heritage sites.

Fitness and good health

Cycling allows women to practice sport for free while on the move, if only to go shopping or buy bread. This activity can be done at any age to keep fit and stay healthy longer.

It also increases life expectancy. It is an excellent physical exercise, even at low intensity. It offers the possibility of staying active at your own pace in order to improve your physical condition.

Develop muscles

Cycling in a skirt allows you to build muscle without traumatizing your joints. In fact, this sport avoids the knees to support the weight of the body and suffer shocks. It turns out to be more favorable for restoring or correctly maintaining muscle mass.

The cycle works the muscle groups completely. It is therefore suitable for those who suffer from knee diseases. On the other hand, you should not exercise the climbs, if possible, which largely involve these joints.

Like a running session, a two-wheel ride helps build muscle in the legs, glutes and calves to the top of the thighs. When pedaling, the muscles of the lower body and buttocks are the most strained. This is cardio sport, not strength training. Cycling also helps strengthen the cardiovascular system by building heart muscle and promoting blood circulation throughout the body.

Lose belly

This is a good exercise to quickly slim the stomach. Indeed, it does not work directly on the abdominals. But the position on the apparatus involves the sheathing of the abdominal belt. By stimulating all the muscles of the body, this cardio sport helps burn fat masses, primarily those of the belly.

Weight loss

Cycling in a skirt is an anti-cellulite sport to lose weight. It is a perfect weapon to eliminate focused fat in the lower limbs and burn as many calories as possible.In addition, a pedaling session is less tiring than swimming or running

For information, an hour of cycling allows a 60-kilogram woman to burn around 240 calories on a leisure trip, 350 calories at a slow pace (on average 15 km / h) up to 420 calories with a running pace (25 to 30 km / h). Working out cardio also helps build endurance and flush out toxins, which is great for weight loss.

To relax

Pedaling helps you focus, step back and relax. Like any physical activity, riding a bicycle stimulates the release of endorphins, which are pleasure hormones. After work, you can take your bike and put on your headphones to take the stress out.

Other advantages of pedaling

Speaking of well-being and relaxation, one cycling session per week to visit beautiful places will certainly do you good. Even wearing a skirt for a walk in the park allows you to fully enjoy the scenery, which is not the case during a workout indoors. Many cycle routes can be found everywhere today. This is a perfect opportunity to exercise regularly while having fun.

How do I pedal while wearing a skirt?

The velocipede is an appropriate practice for all women who want to be active while remaining feminine. However, wearing a skirt while pedaling can often be complicated in gales. Fortunately, there are a number of very convenient tips that can make your bike rides more enjoyable and peaceful.

velo femme jupe

Choosing the right outfit

Start by choosing the skirt or dress you are going to put on. A little short skirt can reveal your underwear when you pedal like a dancer. The longer, flared skirt is more appropriate, but watch out for the spokes at the back. Instead, opt for a length up to the knee to make the job easier and ride with peace of mind.

The right material and cut

A heavier material, such as cotton, leather or even denim, does not fly away with the slightest gust of wind. Also favor a straight cut, close to the body. The fluid dress will be lifted on the first pedal stroke.

The essential accessories

In case you like to stay sexier on your two-wheelers with a short skirt, apply the camouflage technique. Wear black underwear in place of your pretty white lace panties to deceive the looks a bit. Otherwise, you just have to put a cyclist inside to have peace of mind.

Some women use simple but practical tricks like the coin and elastic to transform skirts into shorts. Others use this famous Poupoupidou, a sort of clothespin with magnets to block the dress and secure it under the saddle to prevent it from flying off.

Inspired by a traditional garter belt, the Jar’telle is a small tool that can help pretty ladies ride their bikes in a skirt. It is placed around the thigh, like the classic model, and is immobilized with a clip attached with an adjustable length elastic. Don't forget to put on a skirt guard, which protects your pretty dress from mud and splashes. This accessory is also used to prevent the hem of your skirt from entering the shelves.

What type of bike to choose?

These are the benefits of velocipeds and the precautions to take when cycling in a skirt. Now, choosing the right gear for women is essential. There are many models available on the market. They do not all adapt to the needs of the fairer sex.Folding bike, all-terrain (MTB), all-terrain (VTC), racing .. The cycles can be used in sport, leisure or as a mode of transport.

Think about the intended use first. It is necessary to privilege its performance, its comfort, its handling and especially its lightness. Note that a shorter classic model is easier to drive and also fun. The more athletic or mountain hikers go for mountain biking or off-roading. The mountain bikes are more dedicated to the paved roads of cities and trails in good condition.

To facilitate access to two-wheelers, Paris and other cities have set up the VĂ©lib MĂ©tropole. It is a self-service bicycle rental system in urban areas, whether e-bikes or not. The folding bike is more compact and practical in case you plan to couple it later with other means of transport (train, bus ...). It also fits easily in your car. In addition, city bikes are suitable for trips of less than 10 km.

Otherwise, other alternatives at home are possible to start cycling programs and achieve the same goals as on the greenway. Among other things, you can practice the stationary or elliptical bike to develop your cardio-respiratory capacities.



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