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Bicycle Hazard Spreader, Effective Signage?

Bicycle Hazard Spreader: These Advantages and Disadvantages.

In the family of bicycle safety accessories , I ask…. The danger spreader ! Still uncommon, this plastic rod attached to the side of the bike forces motorists to keep their safety distance when they want to overtake a cyclist.

A real scourge, non-respect of safety distances between a motor vehicle and a bicycle is one of the leading causes of accidents for cyclists . While the highway code requires you to be careful with two-wheelers, they can now choose to impose this rule with a dedicated device.

Zoom on the danger spreader for bikes

Recommended cycling equipment

The danger spreader is part of protective equipment for cyclists . Like wearing a helmet, it is not compulsory. However, it remains a deterrent when a car tries to find its way by overtaking a bike from a little too close. So many dangerous behaviors to which cyclists are victims on a daily basis.

Vulnerable by their small size, cycle users are the first to be injured in contact with another road user. Thus, devices such as the danger spreader encourage vehicles to disengage carefully so as not to risk touching the rod and damaging their bodywork.

What does a traffic spreader look like?

Concretely, the danger spreader is a rigid colored arm, finished with a double-sided red reflector at the rear and white at the front. Attached to the fork on the left side of your car, the arm can be easily folded down when needed, such as parking, narrow passage or storage.

Appreciated by bicycle riders and young children during family outings, this red rod gives a new size to the bicycle, giving it more importance on the road.

How to fix the signal rod?

The fixing adapts to tubes from 7 to 18 mm. Thus, the stem can be fixed everywhere (handlebars, fenders, frame or wheel) and on all sizes of bike.

It can also be attached to the back of your luggage rack. Its length between 30 and 40 cm protects you from vehicles behind you which tend to stick to you in front of the passage of a traffic light, traffic jam, etc.

In practice and to be effective, the reflector is required to be placed between 40 and 90 cm from the ground.

The end of the arm must not have any pointed, chipped or sharp part that could injure a pedestrian or damage a vehicle.

If during the day, the red-orange color of the signs is enough to alert vehicles, you remain visible at night up to 11 meters thanks to the reflective reflectors.

New: discover the laser danger spreader

A solution to the limits of the plastic danger guard

If the orange rod is the best known solution, do you know the laser traffic spreader ? This new LED signaling system lights your bike on both sides by delimiting the regulatory safety distance.

More efficient, it meets the limits of the classic retractor, because:

  • Sometimes the piece of semi-rigid plastic ends up lowering or twisting.
  • It folds down on its own under the effect of the wind.
  • Its small size is not enough to feel protected and safe
  • If by accident, a car touches the rod , the fall is guaranteed, with a laser, the risk is less.

While the rear light projector on the roadway perfectly delimits your traffic zone.

Principle of the bicycle path rear light

Presented in the form of a box to be fixed, this rear light projects two lines drawing a corridor around your cycle. Ideal when pedaling in the dark, these red lines on the track are intriguing and alert vehicles more to your presence and vulnerability.

More powerful than reflective reflectors with limited diameter, these solid red lines act as a virtual cycle lane to protect you from drivers and distracted motorists.

Fixed like a lamp on the seat post, the system is equipped with buttons to choose different lighting modes: often the rear LEDs and / or the two laser lines, in fixed or flashing mode.

Once activated, these two light strips on the ground simulate a cycle lane when you take accesses that do not have one.

Composition of the LED distance indicator

To be able to diffuse a clear and visible luminous corridor up to 50 meters, the device is equipped with:

  • 5 powerful LEDs responding to 4 ignition modes (fixed and 3 types of flashing)
  • 2 red laser LEDs which outline the luminous cycle path projected on the ground, and respond to 2 lighting modes: fixed and flashing.

Both the laser and the rear light can be switched on, off and adjusted independently of each other with a small button.

signaling systems such as danger spreaders help all types of cyclists to protect themselves from other road users when overtaking. In a dissuasive purpose and to respect the safety distance , this device also increases your visibility at night. Discover our LED bike path projector with the bike logo. Unlike the classic versions, this one is rechargeable via USB and has an automatic standby after 5 minutes of inactivity to save battery.

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