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Rules of the road by bike: what you need to know

Rules of the road by bike: what you need to know

Rules Of The Road By Bike: What Every Cyclist Absolutely Must Know.

Are you an expert on the rules of the road by bike ? Occasionally or as a velotaffer, riding a bicycle requires knowing the traffic rules .

In fact, occupying the road alongside cars requires you to respect the signs and markings and to equip yourself correctly. Because a little reminder never hurts, let's take a look at what is required for to circulate well on a bicycle .

Reminders of general safety instructions for bicycles

Regulations concerning cycling equipment

The tendency to ride a bicycle rather than a car is such that we forget the dangers of life on two wheels. Faced with the increasing number of road accidents involving cyclists, the highway code requires a minimum of accessories on your bike to make you visible.

According to the latest regulations in force, you are required to have:

  • A white light lamp and a white reflector in the front,
  • Red lighting and reflector at the back
  • Side reflectors on the tires and pedals
  • A compliant audible warning device.
  • A high security vest to be worn in low light and outside built-up areas.
  • A helmet for children

This equipment is automatically provided with the purchase of your bike. Otherwise, it is essential to set sail, under penalty of a fine in the event of an inspection. Find all this equipment in our selection .

> Read these other recommendations to stay visible on your bike at night.

How to get around by bike?

➡️ Authorized traffic lanes

Cyclists are authorized to ride on cycle tracks and lanes or, failing that, on roadways while staying on the right side.

As a reminder:

  • Cycle lanes are continuous or broken lines marked on the roadway by a bicycle-shaped pictogram.
  • Cycle paths are areas outside the road.
  • The sidewalk is only reserved for pedestrians and children under 8 years old.
  • Pedestrian zones are authorized on condition that the pace is regulated so as not to disturb or surprise pedestrians. Outside built-up areas, caution should be exercised when faced with the speed of motorized vehicles.

➡️ Careful behavior

When you are near other vehicles, anticipate your changes of direction and report them:

  • Either by stretching your arm if you know how to keep balance
  • Either by activating a flashing led if your helmet, bike or vest is equipped with it.

In any case, always remember to tighten on the side of your trajectory before turning to avoid cutting the way of those who follow you.

As with the latter, signs, markings and traffic lights must be respected.

As for parking, the small proportion of a bicycle allows it to be parked anywhere, as long as it does not obstruct the passage of pedestrians or other vehicles Certain periods of the day year require cyclists to be extra vigilant.

Discover the good practices of cycling in the snow .

Understanding road signs on cycle lanes

When the infrastructure is suitable, the cycle lanes are fitted with panels dedicated to bicycles.

> The round sign circled in red prohibits access to the cycles.

> The blue square signs warn of the start or end of a cycle lane.

> The same round signs announce the start or end of a compulsory cycle lane.

> The white cycle category signs allow access to the bike.

> The beginnings and end of greenway signaling.

> Double senses and / or one way.

> The triangular sign under a traffic light gives the right of way towards the direction indicated.

> The meeting area where the pedestrian has priority.

What penalties for cyclists?

Like any non- respect of highway codes , a cyclist is susceptible to fines in the event of a control. The latter imply characteristics specific to non-motorized two-wheelers:

Fine penalties specific to cyclists

  • Equipment faults: inadequate or absent lighting is punished by € 11, € 35 for non-functional brakes.
  • Traffic violation: driving in front line on the roadway: € 35 and on sidewalks in built-up areas: € 135
  • Have a passenger on his bike (without a seat attached to the vehicle): 35 €

General verbalizations

  • Change of direction without prior warning: 35 €
  • Exceeding the maximum authorized speed: 35 €
  • Failure to stop at an amber light: € 35
  • Hold your phone or wear headphones: 135 €
  • Going in the wrong direction 135 €
  • Failure to stop at a red light or at Stop: 135 €
  • Go up the lines to the right: 135 €
  • Circulation under the influence of alcohol (between 0.2 and 0.4 mg / l of exhaled air): 135 €
  • Speed ​​unsuitable for the circumstances: 135 €
  • Overrun without prior warning: 135 €
  • Failure to respect the right of way for pedestrians: 135 €

Rarer, the suspension of the driving license may be decided by the judge in the event of a recurrence of serious misconduct and / or driving deemed dangerous, such as: driving while intoxicated, under the influence drugs, traffic on a closed road, emergency lane, two-way or one-way traffic, crossing a solid line, etc.

Straight passes for cycles

If slaloms between cars and other acrobatics are prohibited, riding a bicycle gives a certain freedom of conduct While remaining within the authorized framework of traffic, you are accepted to:

  • Go up a line of cars from the left when they are stopped or at low speed.
  • Take a one-way street in an area limited to 30
  • Travel on a bus or taxi lane

Remember that a cyclist should stay focused. Thus, always keep a safety distance of one meter alongside other users.

If cyclists can circulate without obtaining a driving license, perfect knowledge of the highway code remains compulsory. More agile and less visible, they continue to be the first victims of road accidents. A plague that gets worse in winter…

Read on and discover how pedal safely in winter .

Consider sharing these essential rules with your loved ones!


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