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Compulsory Helmet on Bike: what does the law say?

Mandatory bicycle helmet: what does the law say?

Is wearing a helmet compulsory when cycling ? This is a question that is still the subject of endless debate in France. In all cases, road safety concerns all users of the public road. In order to ensure safe and secure traffic for everyone, obeying the rules is essential.

The Bicycle Helmet Law

According to the law in force, wearing a bicycle helmet is compulsory for children under 12 years old. This, whether driver or passenger, regardless of the type of bike (city bike, electric bike, mountain bike or cargo bike), and also anywhere (city or urban area). However, the helmet must be CE approved and attached.

From 12 years old, is a helmet still compulsory on a bike?

To date, there is no law on cycling helmets for people over 12 years old. Wearing this equipment is however highly recommended to ensure the safety of the user. Also, it is important to choose it well so that it meets the required standards.

How to choose the right bike helmet?

Whatever your age, here are the criteria to take into account when choosing the right bike helmet:

  • CE approval: it allows the approval that the helmet meets European standards. To recognize it, just check for the presence of the CE mark.
  • The size of the helmet: make sure the helmet fits perfectly around the head above the ears, not too small or too large. Also, make sure that the strap under the throat is neither too tight nor too loose. It should be able to secure the helmet to your head without risking moving in a gust of wind, and also prevent you from breathing or even swallowing.
  • The shape: a good helmet should fully protect the head, especially the top of the head, the large part of the back of the head and the forehead.

For your information, failure to comply with these measures will result in a fine of up to € 750 . Also, you should change your helmet after a fall or an impact, as it may lose its ability to protect you.

For more safety, some bicycle helmets are equipped with lighting system allowing you to be visible at all times, especially at night .


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