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Protect your two wheels with a secure bike shelter

Protect your two wheels with a secure bike shelter

Faced with massive environmental degradation and urban traffic jams, the use of bicycles as a means of transport is beginning to attract a significant number of people. Not only is it fast, but also environmentally friendly and good for your health.

It makes sense if the bicycle is the main means of getting around Amsterdam. Many other cities are also following this path. Cycle lanes are gradually developing.

Wherever you are, in the workplace, at home or in public spaces, it is always necessary to have bicycle parking . These infrastructures are very practical for safely parking bicycles.

It's more reassuring and with less risk of vandalism. Many people, companies or communities are currently using secure shelters. How to secure a bicycle room?

Why choose a secure bicycle shelter?

A secure bicycle shelter is a closed structure, used to house and park cycles (velocipedes, motorcycles, scooters, scooters). It is a kind of storage space to shelter them from the elements, store them and above all secure them optimally against theft even for a long time. It is generally equipped with galvanized sheet metal side walls and locked doors where only a restricted public has access, thanks among other things to a digital code.

abri vélo sécurisé

This concept is not new. Secure bicycle shelters have already been used in stations to allow all cyclist travelers to drop off their velocipedes before take the train . The use of these infrastructures has become more democratic given the explosion in the number of users. Note that any new building, for industrial or commercial use, or for a public service, must have a bicycle parking space. The latter is also recommended for condominiums.

The idea has improved, as has the technology, to make everyday cycling more and more comfortable. Various services are also available in a bicycle storage room, such as battery recharging for electric bicycles, the maintenance kit, lockers, showers and even toilets.

The different types of secure bicycle shelters

Two-wheeled vehicles, especially bicycles, are a very practical and fast way, unlike a car, in the face of unbearable traffic jams and growing concern for the environment. Aside from stations, requests from local communities, administrative buildings, schools and even public structures continue to increase for the installation of a secure bicycle shelter.

Many variations of shapes and materials are available on the market. Racks, arches, shelters open or closed by latch, a multitude of ways to park your bike. There are models made of solid wood, resin or even metal.

A wooden shelter

Often in the form of a garden box, a wooden bicycle shelter is natural, compact and spacious. It provides widely adapted dimensions, while leaving easy daily access.

abri vélo bois

Exotic wood or autoclave treated wood is in great demand to guarantee a very robust and weather-resistant structure. If you no longer have a bicycle, your wooden chests can double as a storage shed to store your gardening tools.

A resin bicycle shelter

A resin garden shed is a practical and easy to maintain variety, an excellent compromise between the aesthetics of wood and the strength of metal It allows you to store your bikes while perfectly supporting humidity, mold, insects and also corrosion. However, this device does not benefit from the modularity of the metallic versions.

A metal model

With a more modern design, the bicycle and motorcycle shelters provide optimal protection. It is often composed of a frame in galvanized steel tube with a cellular polycarbonate roof, treated against UV. These models have the advantage of being aesthetic and easy to install. The covers are wide enough to withstand the harshest weather. This is also the case with the Venice-type model, its side cladding is made of steel with honeycomb polycarbonate panels.

The modular metal format is perfect for all car parks. If you choose the bicycle box, it is better to mount it on a concrete slab to ensure its stability. The fixing to the ground is carried out by sealing the corresponding threaded rods to be planted at the base. The metal bicycle shelter is therefore a better investment.

Made of wood, resin or metal, the doors and openings can be equipped with a padlock to secure the contents. The secure bicycle shelter is lockable with a lock. If necessary, fix a rack on the ground to properly organize the parking lots. You can also put anti-theft terminals for motorcycles, mountain bikes and electric bikes.

How to protect your bike against theft?

The number of employees who come to work by bike, motorbike or scooter continues to increase. Unlike cars, these means of transport are easy to steal. The use of the bike rack is very common.

But to optimize protection, it is better to choose a secure bike shelter with an anti-theft device and an effective alarm . This is a small accessory, which is used to protect removable components, including wheels and saddle. Remember to systematically attach the front wheel of your cycle to a fixed point (wall-mounted bike rack, on the floor, stair railing, etc.), even during short stops or at home.

How to secure your bike in a garage?

It's not very reassuring to leave your two-wheeler in a garage. Of course, cyclists automatically have the reflex to tie up their bicycles in the street. This habit is abandoned once at home. Hence the sharp rise in home bike theft . Bike garages are highly targeted by thugs. You have to adopt the same rhythm of protection at home, as outside.

How to properly secure your bike?

Two-wheeled vehicles are really expensive. The issue of security is therefore paramount. The first rule is to tie them securely, but not just any old way. Do not attach your wheel alone because sometimes thieves unscrew the wheel and embark the bike, and you will find that your front wheel is attached .... Remember to attach the wheel + frame.

For this purpose, give preference to street furniture, in particular bicycle parking spaces, but also road signs, lampposts, poles, closed barriers, arches ... It is better to choose the quality of the fastening elements wisely. , among others a post of 2 meters.

Where can I find a secure bicycle shelter?

If you are from the Paris region, you can find a secure bicycle shelter in the form of a subscription.

Looking for such equipment for your fittings? You can order it from one of the French manufacturers of street furniture, such as Mottez bike rack they are also specialized in the production of different shelters for parking lots, covered parking, smokers, garbage cans and containers, passenger shelters… Do not forget to request a quote in order to benefit from a tailor-made model adapted to your needs and your budget.


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